Book Signing

~A Rumor of Roses~ by Sally O’Connor

We’re excited to share Sally Klein O’Connor’s new book with you in our bookstore: “Sally Klein O’Connor takes us on a redemptive journey into darkness and it’s there we see the light of God’s great love. The camps of the Holocaust are perhaps the darkest places on earth, but in obedience to God, Sally and her team decided to reach out to people, Jew and Gentile, with the light of the love of Jesus by simply handing out beautiful re roses. Through these small steps, the Spirit of God brings illumination. The light He shines reveals not only the evils of the Nazis, but the darkness of resentment, shame and bitterness that reside in every human heart. The story reminds us that a most common human response to suffering is denial; just bury it and move on. This book is about grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation, but offers no easy answers. Filled with testimonies of what Jesus can do if His people will simply go first, this book will make you think deeply about taking the first steps of forgiveness and reconciliation.”