Connect Group Training

Relaunch, Training, Jan 13, Kick-off Feb 3

The optimal environment for life-change is small groups, what we call Connect Groups. It is when people become personally known and get personally ministered to in a Connect Group that they stick. Small groups are like fish nets: they hold the fish in the church. Hosting or leading a Connect Group transforms you into a disciple-making disciple, and it is an    obedient response to His call in Matthew 28:18-20 to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Hosting or leading a small group also invites the Kingdom of God into your home and moves your faith beyond the four walls of the church sanctuary. Some additional benefits of hosting or leading a small group is that it equips you to live out God’s Word, it gives you purpose, it matures you spiritually, and it unlocks miracles in your life. Please pray about hosting, leading, or both, and especially about joining one if you are not yet connected.