week 3 – Engaging Risk – 40 Days of Fasting

~week 3~ “a season of preparation as we look forward to Easter”

~Here at the Valley Vineyard, we want to invite everyone to join us in preparing our hearts for the greatest day of the year, Easter. Here is what we will be doing…

  1. A Daily Devotional [click to view/download whole document]

We want to recommend an excellent daily devotional, “Engaging Risk.”  You can get the devotional through our church app or at this website: vvinfo.org/40days

The Third Week (each day is clickable):

  1. A 40-Day Fast [click to view/download fasting instructions]

We are calling everyone to fast on one level or another for almost 6 weeks. That may be daunting, but here is some helpful information about fasting. We truly want this to be a Holy Spirit-inspired journey.

Throughout the Bible, fasting is almost always the decision to abstain from food for a set period of time. In Matthew 4, we find that Jesus was “led by the Spirit” to go without food for 40 days. It also tells us that he got really hungry! It was an uncomfortable and challenging process, even for Jesus, but it produced powerful results. He not only resisted temptation, but His Spirit-led fasting resulted in three power-packed years of ministry.

  1. Good Friday Service

The Good Friday service is cancelled.