Manna and the Holidays

~Manna and the Holidays ~
Thanksgiving & Christmas Giveaways, Nov 23 & Dec 21
We’re gearing up for the holidays when we bless those who are in need in our community. We need 200 cans each of corn and green beans. Check out Dollar Tree and 99 Cents for deals, sometimes 2 for $1! It’s amazing how far $5, $10, or $20 goes. Drop off donations in the Manna box in the lobby and help us go after hunger! There are many ways to make an impact:
Donate—non-perishable foods
Recycle—bring your cans and bottles to Manna for recycling
Give—offerings, with Manna in the memo
Collect—do a food drive with family, neighbors, coworkers
Serve—give one Saturday a month to volunteer in Manna
Shop—link your Ralph’s and/or Food 4 Less card to Manna