Oaxaca Medical Outreach

Please pray for the team in Oaxaca. They are there right now…

Dear Church Family:  We are getting ready for our Mission to Oaxaca, July 14 to 28. David Lejbowicz, Martin Liu, and I will join 6-8 medical personnel from Mexico. I will do some preaching, but the main emphasis will be medical clinics for the poor. Our Mexican doctors and dentists love the Lord and want to give back to their people. They volunteer their vacation time every year, but we pay for most of the transportation, housing, and all the meds. We are praying for anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 to come in. This money really goes a long way. It not only provides medical care for the poorest people, but it opens doors to reach communities for Jesus. If you want to help, just send in a check written to the Vineyard with Oaxaca in the memo or bring it to service.  You can also donate online on our Vineyard website and choose Oaxaca under “Causes”
–Pastor Bill