Pastor Bill is not really retiring?


[the following is reprinted from Foundation For His Ministry November 2019 Newsletter]
Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Tom and Jan Higgins hosted a prayer group in Montebello, California. Our daughter, Andrea, and Pastor Bill Dwyer were part of this prayer group and its charismatic renewal.
The next time I heard from Pastor Bill, he and his congregation were leasing the gym at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Sherman Oaks, CA. God then led him and his congregation to purchase a bowling alley in Reseda, California. The bowling alley lanes became the lanes for winning souls for Christ!
The next time I saw Pastor Bill was on the roof of the Baja Mission. He was part of a roofing crew serving there. With missions forever on his heart, Pastor Bill was then led to the mountains of Oaxaca. He served there with Dr. Avitia and Roberto Munoz Flores as they hosted several medical groups in the remote areas.

On one such trip, Pastor Leland Lance, his wife Marsha, and I were part of the team to Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, where everything went wrong. The mission team from Valdosta, Georgia, were delayed by a volcanic eruption.
And to further complicate the mission, I had my second heart attack in this most remote region.
Marsha spent a sleepless night praying for me. At dawn, Pastor Bill and Dr. Avitia were called. They immediately went to the local hospital looking for oxygen. There was none. Then they went to pharmacy after pharmacy – still no oxygen.
They never gave up hope and stopped in to yet another pharmacy. The owner said, “I do have something in the back, but I’m not sure what it is. I have never opened the box.”
Pastor Bill and the doctor opened the box, and praise God – it contained a brand new oxygen tank! His miracles never cease! There was enough oxygen to get me from the village into Oaxaca, where I spent the night in the hospital before continuing home to Orange County, CA.
Pastor Bill Dwyer has served on our FFHM Board for two years and has now agreed to serve as our new Chairman. We thank God for Matt Juarez who recently served. Matt is stepping down in order to dedicate himself to his family and teenage children.
We welcome Pastor Bill as Chairman and are so grateful to him for his continued service to our Ministry.
~Charla Pereau Founding Director
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