Summer of Missions – Baja, Belgium, Oaxaca

“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.” –Henry Martyn

–We have three great opportunities to participate in short-term missions this summer:Baja, Mexico June 9-15, Belgium & Spain June 21 – July 5, Oaxaca, Mexico July 15-28.

BAJA – June 9 – 15

We have been working in Mexico with Foundation for His Ministry for almost thirty years and have taken more than 100 trips to further the work of the kingdom. Every trip has been an amazing blessing.

To kick off the summer, our youth will be driving 8 hours south to the mission base and orphanage in Vicente-Guerrero. This trip is primarily for youth and those who want to support the youth in this weeklong outreach. We could really use some adults who would be willing to bear the burden of driving their own vehicles and transporting the kids.

We will serve in many ways: praying for people, watching kids, going on an evangelistic outreach, and doing various service projects.

This mission is a low-cost, life-changing opportunity. The team will be led by Amalia Lejbowicz with the help of our youth pastor, Johnny Mendoza. Come and join us. As they say at the Mission, “You will never be the same.”

COST: $250

REQUIREMENTS: 16 yrs./passport

APPLY: contact Amalia Lejbowicz,

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BELGIUM/SPAIN – June 21 – July 5

Our two-week summer “Dream Teams” will allow you to experience hands-on diaspora ministry through partnership with local organizations. You will be trained in Spain to share the good news of Jesus, while serving vulnerable communities in Belgium in practical ways. You’ll build friendships with refugees and immigrants who have turned to Europe to find hope and a better life. Many of the people you meet will come from a Muslim background and you may be their first Jesus-following friend.

DREAM Teams are an excellent way to gain experience in serving people of other cultures and grow in your understanding of the complexities and challenges immigrants face as they move to seek a brighter future. You will also be encouraged as you partner with local Christians who demonstrate their love for Jesus, through a generous spirit of hospitality and a commitment to make Him known to others.

COST: Approximately $2100

REQUIREMENTS: 18 yrs./passport

APPLY: contact Stacy Davis, 818-776-9696


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OAXACA – July 15 – 28

We have been breaking new ground with medical missions in Oaxaca for more than 20 years. We partner with doctors, nurses, and dentists to show the love of Jesus in a practical way. Aside from meeting medical needs, these efforts advance the work of church planting and evangelism in resistant areas and strengthen the local churches in the region.

David Lejbowicz will lead our group. One of the best things about the trip is our partnership with Mexican medical personnel who join our team. It is an amazing time of making friends as we spend the entire time together.

We will work with our friends at La Roca Church. Find them on Facebook at Centro Cristiano La Roca. They are amazing people who love the Lord. We have built many long-term relationships with them.

It’s also a joy to experience the culture and people of Oaxaca.

COST: $1900

REQUIREMENTS: 16 yrs./passport

Medical training is helpful, but not essential. Spanish is helpful, but not required.

APPLY: David Lejbowicz,