Our small groups are called Connect Groups.
We have found that the real life of our church community is in these small groups.
This is where we get to know and pray for one another.
The ministry of Jesus was all about coming into the lives of others, living life together and discovering God together.
Also, we have some great times of fun!

The Men’s Group is led by Harry McNeill. Men are invited to join on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm at the Valley Vineyard. Before the meeting men are welcome to bring their dinner to fellowship hall and enjoy lively casual fellowship. With scripture as our backdrop we can better see where we are in our lives and our faith journey. Men often operate as “Lone Rangers” in our culture, but there is great power when men gather together in faith to share their stories, questions, burdens and blessings. We worship, study, and discuss the Word or a book on growing as Christian men. The goal is to grow in love of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in life, you are invited. Click to Connect

The Women’s Group is called Girlfriends and is led by Annette Grable. We meet Tuesday Evenings for Bible Study, 6:30 PM in Fellowship Hall at church. If you are looking for a place of comfort, safety, and accountability, then this group of women is for you. Click to Connect

The Young Adults Group is called IGNITE. Damon Agapiou and Lauren Grable lead the group. (Ages 18 – 30) We are all about building relationships, knowing and loving Christ, and igniting the flame in our souls for His Kingdom. Damon and Lauren are engaged to be married this year. Damon is a creative 3D artist at Disney and Lauren is a sales manager. They are both on the Vineyard Worship Team, as well. Click to Connect

The Northridge Connect Group meets at the home of Mark and Gayle Landstrom on Thursday evenings, 6:30 PM. This group is open to all. We value our time in fellowship, worship, study, and prayer. While we have many long-time members, both couples and singles, we welcome those looking to initiate and sustain committed relationships with fellow Valley Vineyardites. In consideration of those who work, we end at 9 PM. Click to Connect

FIGHT CLUB is the youth guys group. We meet on Friday, October 19, 2018. This is a great opportunity for teen boys. Click to Connect

ABIDE is the youth girls group. We meet on Saturday, October 19, 2018. This is a great opportunity for teen girls to get together, make new friends and talk about life. Click to Connect

PASSION!! is a Connect Group that begins again Thursday evening, September 6. Meeting Thursdays at 7 PM in room 12 at the church. The group is led by Aisha Oyarekhua. Expect worship, study, stimulating discussions on the Bible, prayer and friendship. Everyone is invited, men, women, single, married, new believers, and longtime believers. The study will benefit everyone. Fact – Nothing changes life like engaging the Bible. Come and be transformed! Click to Connect

Teens “AWAKEN” Sunday Mornings- meets every Sunday morning at 10:45 AM at the Valley Vineyard Church. Johnny Mendoza is the youth pastor. This group is open to everyone in middle school and high school! We are learning how to live as a real Christian and minister to one another like Jesus did. Come and be transformed! Click to Connect