New Ministry:

Multi – Faith Outreach

At the Valley Vineyard, we have reached out in love to the Muslims in our local communities.  Our hope is to help Christians to understand the Muslim religion and Muslim people so that we may:

  1. Build bridges of mutual understanding between people in spite of important differences.

  2. Communicate the truth of the Gospel to Muslims, speaking the truth in love.

  3. Exhibit Christlike behavior toward Muslims, moving past stereotypes, as we get to know them as people who are loved by God.

multi-faith outreach_Mug shotWe have experienced a willingness on the part of Muslims in our area to spend time with us, share meals, and discuss our beliefs in depth.  We offer a class every Fall on Understanding Islam and Muslims from a Christian Perspective.  For more information, contact Kevin Grable at multi-faith outreach_ICR at our


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Other outreach ministries include Neighborhood Outreach, Community Outreach, Meals, and Prayer. There are also many ministries that we partner with including the following:

 Neighborhood Initiative


Improbable People Ministries


After The Passion


Foundation for His Ministry


Please call the church office at 818.776.9696 and ask for a list of opportunities or events.