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Zócalo in Oaxaca City

Oaxaca map-225x147-So we drove up to a retreat center for a Saturday-Sunday retreat in the Sierras of Oaxaca. Here’s a report.

  • The morning of the conference, I woke up with a dream in my mind. I saw the retreat people walking 2×2 through a giant cathedral. As we walked, we could hear monks singing, “Hail, the king is here.” It was very religious and Gregorian, but the people began to sing along and then they started to take the song away from the monks. They started raising their hands and the whole group was singing with passion, “Hail, the king is coming.” I shared this vision to start the conference and said that I believe God wants us to lay aside religion (the Catholic cathedral) and just embrace Jesus and His kingdom. That’s pretty much what happened. The Holy Spirit was moving from beginning to end.
  • We started the conference by bringing up Pastor Omar and Aida to officially give them the truck. It was so cool. Everyone was so excited for them. They have had a hard time financially. Omar shared how 3 years ago I had taught on being specific in prayer and he had written down the need for a truck. He had seen a brother with the exact same truck three years ago and said he wanted one like it. He showed me his old prayer request he wrote down: “ a Chevy, a Ram, or Ford Lobo.” He got the Lobo. Aida shared with Anamarie that in December it was very difficult financially, but they heard about a young man from the mountains who was in the hospital for surgery. 3 of his family had come down and were sleeping on the concrete outside. Omar brought them home, but they decided they wanted to be at the hospital, so he took them back. He talked to some friends and got them 3 down jackets so they wouldn’t freeze. When he arrived with the three jackets he fond another, fourth family member had arrived. He said, “Do you have a jacket for me?” The only jacket he had was his own in his car, and although he needed it, he gave it to the guy. He went home feeling down. Finances are not good and I don’t even have a jacket. When he walked in Aida told him she had just gotten off the phone with David Lejbowicz and that we had just bought them a truck. He burst into tears. The Lord is good! That’s the kind of people these are and it’s why we want to help them. Their first priority is the kingdom and moving in compassion.
  • Our retreat center was an Eco Turismo facility with zip line and other stuff. Everyone was very exited, but it was rainy and cold. In fact, it was freezing and no one was dressed for it. Last year the temp was in the 70’s in this area. This year, it was 40 or less all day or night. There was no heat in any rooms, cafeteria or meeting rooms. We were all frozen. People were wrapped in blankets. We joked about how many pairs of socks and underwear we had on, but we were one big family of about 90 people, all suffering together. Just a beautiful region, even if we could only see about 100 feet.
  • The conference we did on Inner Healing was amazing. God put the flow together perfectly. I taught in Inner Healing and Forgiveness and then David Irving taught on how to minister more deeply to people using the Vineyard 5 Step prayer model. A very brave woman volunteered for a  demonstration and she began to share the source of lifelong depression. She realized it had started with abuse at 7 years old. The Holy Spirit did an amazing work through Dave and Carrie. We took a  short break. Anamarie was supposed to teach next and then I was supposed to teach on Not Judging, but the Holy Spirit fell on the women and Anamarie told me, “Get the men out of the room, God wants to heal these women. I don’t care what you do, just get them out.” I love Anamarie’s passion to see God touch people. S I know God ministered to every woman there about their hurts. It was awesome.
  • I took the guys in the cafeteria. At first, we didn’t know what to do. We had just been kicked out, so I bought them all a cup of coffee because it was freezing! Then Dave Irving and I began asking them how this one woman’s transparency impacted them. They began opening up. One guy shared about being raped at 6 years old. Others began to talk about how they never understood how their sin against women could have a lifelong impact. Others talked about the Mexican culture not valuing women and how they wanted to change that. It wound up with every guy getting prayed for. We called forth the single young men and Pastor Omar shared about the wounds Jesus had healed in his life because he had an alcoholic father who mostly abandoned the family. The Father’s love fell on these guys. Tears splashing on the floor and older men embracing them.
  • Sunday morning I shared on grief and then Carrie taught on how to invite Jesus into our prayer times through Immanuel Journaling. Again, the Holy Spirit was very thick. The worship was awesome.
  • In spite of the fact that we were frozen, God was moving. Thank you for praying.

Tomorrow, we head up to the mountains for the medical clinic and it is supposed to be colder, so we stopped to buy extra jackets and gloves at the new Walmart. Thank God for Walmart!

Keep David Lejbowicz in prayer. He has had a bad chest and throat cold. Aside from being warn down it has been hard to interpret all the teaching. The guy is such a faithful servant. He’s our only interpreter and he just pushes through.



Bill Dwyer

Senior Pastor

aerial view of mission base
aerial view of mission base