LoveWorks has been under the Valley Vineyard’s umbrella since April 2009. During that time we have taught fifteen classes in anger management, each lasting 12 weeks. Our volunteers have met with and directly mentored more than 107 incarcerated youth in one-on-one conversation and prayer. We conducted our annual Christmas outreach concert, featuring a well-known Christian actor. All of Camp Mendenhall attended. Additionally, hundreds of prisoners have been impacted through our activity in CBI, Crossroads Bible Institute.
We have had amazing answers to prayer, with many of you praying and seeing fruitful results. One answered prayer was that we have been able to continue the program at Camp Mendenhall. Our anger management classes were suddenly cancelled by the camp administration in January of 2014. After a tense few weeks we came to a new agreement with the directors, and the threat of losing the program was over. The staff, after thinking our 10 year relationship would be lost, is now more supportive than ever before! Many of the boys from the almost cancelled class came into LoveWorks as dedicated gang members. But thanks to God, and their continuation in the program, by the final weeks they were changing their minds about their lifestyle, and several of the boys want to take the class over again.

Carole Walker pic
Carole Walker

At Nidorf Juvenile Hall (San Fernando), in the maximum security section called the Compound, boys between the ages of 14 and 18, are tried as adults, and many are finding Christ. These young men are in very tough places as their sentences can range from 5 years to a lifetime of incarceration. José came to Christ as he prepared to leave for County Jail. He is being sentenced in May 2014, and will probably receive a minimum of 25 years to life. He is still walking with God throughout this difficult time. Jose’s mother moved back East before his trial started and his father has not been there for him; he is basically parentless. Another boy, Sam, 16 years old and facing life in prison, recently accepted Christ. He is being seen regularly by LoveWorks.

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LoveWorks at Camp Mendenhall
LoveWorks at Camp Mendenhall