The Worship Ministry Mission Statement

Our mission as the worship ministry in the Valley Vineyard is to lead others into all-out, uncompromised worship of God. Our primary purpose is to give God the glory, honor and praise that He deserves.

The Worship Ministry Vision Statement

We are a community of people who are working toward improving our effectiveness at leading worship and as living as disciples of the Lord Jesus. We desire to reflect the likeness of Jesus by multiplying, growing and maturing through the disciplines of personal worship, prayer, study, fellowship and transparency.
We are a community of people who pursue the presence of God where the ongoing experience of God and His kingdom through His manifest presence is fundamental to our existence. We are committed to complete worship of God and dependence upon Him. Our ultimate vision is, “Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done.”

Worship Team Schedule

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A new page for the worship team is here! The Worship Set Lists. These are past worship sets as reference.

You must have a signed covenant on file with Leroy Chavez, worship pastor, to be on the worship team.

Worship Team Covenant