Welcome to the Youth Ministries at the Vineyard

We have our own services weekly and on Sundays, separately from the main service.

What’s Going On?

by Johnny Mendoza johnnymendoza@valleyvineyard.org

My hope is this:  Community.  I want a group of kids that are a congregation- not a crowd, a cause- not a concern.

I see two things as necessary- two things inherent in the word “Community.”  The first stems from the prefix “co.” In other words, my hope is that our kids will form into a body of young believers who share their lives with one another.  As the aphorism goes:  Love is a four-letter word spelled T-I-M-E.

mentoring the youth worship team
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The second aspect of community is likewise obvious and emanates from the root word “unity.”  Thus, I envision the youth at the Valley Vineyard together pressing towards the higher calling of our God.  I hope for a unity, where all  teens are welcomed into this pressing onward together, not only as a local body of youth but also as connected to the larger body of the church and the Christian Community as a whole.
In my later teens, God answered my prayer and placed me in a youth group that became a family to me.  With those friends, I have forged life-long relationships.  I have found that community can connect a kid to a web of relationships that can counteract the inundation of our American youth culture.  While the statistics show that only one in ten kids who are raised in the church still attend church in their twenties, I believe that we can invert that statistic.  Life-long relationship with those who are pursuing God and His counter-cultural ways is the goal of our community here at the Valley Vineyard.
You are invited.