Get to know me.

My folks met in a Greek diner in LA when my mom was a reprographics artist in the aerospace industry, and my dad worked for entertainer Spike Jones.  My mom was a Romanian immigrant, born to Eastern European Orthodox Jews, and my dad was Mexican American and Catholic. They fell in love in that diner, despite the objections of my Jewish grandparents.

Sadly, even though they always loved each other, my parents’ marriage ended when I was just two. For me, that meant living in LA where I was born, the Valley, and Mexico, and being raised by a host of family and friends. It also meant there were many directions my spiritual life could have taken, but glory to God, I was saved at 13 and baptized shortly after in the ocean at Pismo Beach.

My testimony doesn’t exist without my mom’s. At 33, she had been a prescription drug addict for 9 1/2 years. She was bedridden with terrible pain and insomnia and had given up on life. She called the number for a suicide hotline she saw on TV and a couple came over the next day to minister to us. They asked how my mom knew to contact them, and we were all amazed when they said their group does not advertise on TV. Though I was very resistant to them and their Christian circle for a long while, ultimately, they became my spiritual parents.

I’ve been blessed to serve at the Vineyard as Receptionist and Bookkeeper since 2010, and coordinator of WoVen Women’s Ministries since about 2000. I’m a graduate of LA Valley College, CSU Northridge, and the Vineyard Institute.  I’ve also been a teacher of language arts, Spanish, and other subjects over the years. It’s no wonder one of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Timothy 1:5, “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”

While at Los Angeles Valley College in the Journalism Department, I met my husband Kevin. Our lifelong friendship began there, and we married in 1978.   Four of our six kids are married, and we have three grandchildren.  Three of our kids and two of our grandchildren are adopted.  Family gatherings are a blast!

I love God, people, reading, movies, travel, cooking, acting, writing, editing, and photography. Kevin and I make our home in Studio City where we’ve lived since 1988.

Annette can be contacted by email at:
[email protected]