Get to know me.

In 1971, I was fresh out of Virginia Tech, a Second Lieutenant in Airborne School, and an avowed agnostic; but I had been challenged by some people who
really loved Jesus to ask God to prove His existence. My life was a mess, so I took them up on it. I recall looking up at my barracks ceiling and saying,
“God, if you are real, I want to know you.” Late one night a few weeks later, I had a vision of Jesus Christ and he spoke these words, “Bill, I love you and
I forgive you for your sins.” My life was forever changed, and I started out on an unimaginable adventure.

About two weeks later I was a forward observer with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in the jungles of Vietnam. I had no Christian friends or church, so I simply
studied the Bible each and every day. I carried an extremely large black Bible in my rucksack that became overgrown with mildew and my notes. After Vietnam,
I was sent to Fort Bliss in El Paso. A revival was occurring in the city among young people in what was simply called “Jesus Chapel” gatherings. It was here
I found a church, fellowship, spiritual growth, and met my friend and mentor, Kenn Gulliksen, who would become the founder of the Vineyard.

I left the Army in 1973 and took a job in LA in order to join Kenn, who had a vision to plant a new church on the Westside. I helped set up chairs, record
sermons, and organize the finances. It was an amazing time and we saw many hundreds come to know Jesus. We also saw the Lord gather and use incredibly
talented people like Terry Talbot, Keith Green, Debby Boone, Bob Dylan, and Larry Norman. Most significantly, God was saving, calling, and equipping common
people to serve, to start ministries, to become missionaries, and to plant churches. I was one of those common people who was called to plant a church. I
never even considered being a pastor until Jesus drafted me. In 1979, with a group of families and a few singles, we started the Valley Vineyard.

Serving as senior pastor for more than 40 years has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Seeing people come to know and serve Jesus has been
awesome. I’ve had the opportunity to see babies grow into adults, get married, and give birth to a new generation. I’ve had the honor of seeing many friends
serve the Lord faithfully and make the transition into heaven. I’ve seen lives completely turned around by the power of God. The Lord has always been good
and proven Himself trustworthy.

I’m happily married to my wonderful wife Anamarie. Our kids are adults, and they’ve given us seven wonderful grandchildren who bring us delight. Over the
years, I’ve had the privilege of serving in leadership with the Association of Vineyard Churches and serving on various boards. It’s been amazing to the
watch the Vineyard grow from one church to over 2500 churches worldwide. I love missions, especially in Mexico, and “doin’ the stuff” Jesus did. My passion
is to see people deeply in love with Jesus and choosing to live a life in the kingdom of God.

Pastor Bill can be contacted by email at:
[email protected]