Get to know me.

Fun facts about me: I’m a self-taught drummer / I used to figure skate / I enjoy crazy spicy food / I love a good laugh… and I can wiggle my ears.
As a child, I can say that I knew of Jesus, but cannot say I knew him intimately. I attended a Greek Orthodox school from K-8, then a Catholic high school. I met some amazing friends and built wonderful relationships, but I really didn’t have one with the Father.
I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and have always had a love for being creative. I grew up constantly drawing and painting, but always had (and still have) a passion for helping and teaching. Early on, my parents instilled in me and exemplified hearts and respect for others. I can see now that even though my parents didn’t know Christ, they had wonderful foundations that were in turn formed in me.
My creativity took me from wanting to be a classically trained animator to establishing my career as a model maker/sculptor for more than 17 years. Ultimately, I found myself working at Walt Disney Imagineering for the last nine of those 17 years. To get there was very much a trial of hard work and relationships, but that difficult pursuit made it all worth it. It would be where I met my wife, Lauren - and through her inviting me to the Vineyard, having an encounter with the Holy Spirit that would change my life forever.
From then on, my life became about intentionally experiencing the love of the Father intimately and wholeheartedly and allowing Him to form me - to break all that I knew about the world and who I thought I was into who he destined me to be. Four years ago, I began to serve on the worship team and shortly after heard a call from the Lord to start serving with the youth.
I genuinely believe that during this season, the Lord has called me to reveal just how close the Father wants to be with us. To reveal how intentional He is, His boldness, and His aching heart for us to truly know Him. I want to see the youth experience pure relationship, His presence, His face, and to know just how much He loves them. And, to know that out of this intimacy with the Father, stems everything He has for us. Creating these Holy identity shifts can not only grow, empower, and encourage our youth, but can make lasting impressions as they go out into the world and in turn, reveal His Kingdom. Through this revealing, comes revelation, and through revelation comes revival. By also creating intentional relationships with their parents, we can work hand-in-hand to bring revival in our homes.
My wife Lauren and I are recently married, and we love to worship together. In addition to working with the youth, we also lead the Ignite Young Adults Group on Tuesday evenings. Together we enjoy playing music, the outdoors, and most of all, we value spending time with family and friends.

Damon can be contacted by email at:
[email protected]