Get to know me.

One of my earliest memories was when I was three years old, stealing money from my mother’s purse to go buy gum at the corner 5-and-Dime Store.  While on my bunkbed, rifling through my mom’s wallet and pulling out bills, I felt convicted of my sin and remembered the words of my Sunday School teacher Mrs. McNew that Jesus died to forgive our sins, and we could ask Jesus to come live in our hearts.  I replaced the money, and bowed my head asking for Jesus’ forgiveness and for him to live in me.  I felt His presence come into me and from that point forward, I have known that I am with Him always.   Thus began my journey of redemption through God’s grace.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley with my father, who worked as a physicist for Lockheed, and my June-Cleaver-esque mother, I had an unremarkable childhood characterized by long bike rides, nightly sports in the corner grocery store parking lot, and building forts in my backyard and in the many open fields.  Then came the Jr. High drug culture and the Jesus Movement.

My world shifted from Leave it To Beaver to Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Drugs were ubiquitous and my friends were high daily.  God stepped into the middle of this chaos and began a revival in the church and in the culture.  Many of my friends in high school came to the Lord and were rescued from the ravages of drugs and rebellion.  I began attending the Vineyard when I was 16 where Bill Dwyer co-pastored, and I was associated with Terry Talbot, Leslie Phillips, and several other artists at the forefront of the Jesus Movement.  I felt the presence and call of God to devote my life to Him.  I started attending The Church on The Way and sat under the tutelage of Pastor Jack Hayford and Daniel Brown.  After going to Pierce for a year, I attended LIFE Pacific University, earned my BA in Biblical Studies, and became a Youth Pastor helping to pioneer a Foursquare church in Valencia, CA.

In 1987, I returned to the Valley Vineyard, went back to college, and completed a BA in English Literature.  Subsequently, I started teaching high school English in the Lutheran school system and then in 1998, I began my public-school teaching career.  During my first couple years as a teacher, I married, had a child, and divorced.  Despite the obstacles of a restrictive visitation schedule, I devoted myself to raising my son.  I also vowed to God that I would take every opportunity to teach that He afforded me.  Thus, at one of my lowest points, I agreed to teach a weekly Bible study and other classes at the Vineyard.  Due to God’s mercy, throughout the next decade of my life, He started a process of redemption in me that continues to this day.

In 2008, I married the love of my life, Michelle.  We had our first child, Kaitlin Beth, and a couple years later God unexpectedly gave us Daniel James.  To my surprise, I was offered the responsibility of being the Youth Pastor at the Vineyard.  Then God gave us two more children through adoption.  Natalie Nicole and Robert Michael were drafted onto Team Keenan, and our household was filled with even more personality and redemption.  After enjoying the job of youth pastoring for seven years, I released that responsibility to my young friend Johnny Mendoza.  In 2018, I became the Marriage and Family Pastor at the Vineyard and I am excited to see families redeemed just as my family has been redeemed.

Dan can be contacted by email at:
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