Get to know me.

After three years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and growing up living a life with Jesus, I started to develop my core values, standards, life visions, and dreams. So, when I was asked to take over the youth group, I began constructing a plan of seeing different churches and figuring out what I thought worked. But before I got too far, the Lord stopped me and reminded me of my purpose at Bethel and to continue to say yes to Jesus every day. From that simple plan and perspective, it became “just be you.”

When you are at your best, you are the most effective. God did not create people to be replicas of the others. God made us unique and different for a reason: to love and be the best we can be so we all can bring a certain flavor and color to the world.  Otherwise, we don’t step into what God has for us.

I truly believe that the Lord is leading me to emphasize the difference between religion and relationship with God. I want to see the youth have fun with Jesus, to see the simplicity of having a relationship with him. I see so many young people leave and walk away from the Lord after high school because their perspective of God was built on religion and not relationship.

The core values, gifts, and passions that I see the Lord using in my life are established in worship of him.  I want our young people to understand the meaning of worship.  Living out a lifestyle of worship and the prophetic are a huge part of my life and mission.  I want to see the same move in the youth, helping them to live lives of prophetic evangelism, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  These are my ministry goals: to change the standard, to give them higher standards for themselves, to understand what we think we can do, and step into what the Lord has given us, to take our place at the table the Lord has set for us, owning who we are and our relationship with God.

Johnny can be contacted by email at:
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