Jubilee Community Center

Our Mission
We strive to be God's instrument of peace to bring physical, mental, emotional, academic, and spiritual help to children by leading teens and adults to bridge the gap in generations and work together for the common goal of service in Jubilee. We will accomplish this by speaking life into and empowering each other, our children, and our families to live out the destination God had for them at the foundation of the world.

All in a day at Jubilee

Jubilee Community Center is an academic tutoring service that takes a holistic approach to serving children.  
As members of Jubilee, your children will receive support and strengthening of their knowledge, Biblical learning, prayer, food, and time to play with other kids. We at Jubilee firmly believe that focused support and encouragement makes a big difference for every kid, even if they are struggling at school. We believe that the best way to help the children is to support and partner with families to help children achieve their full potential.

Jubilee parents are happy parents

"My kids have been going to Jubilee for 2 years. Not only are they getting their homework and school projects done, but I have seen a major change in their behavior. Jubilee has made learning fun for my children. They are performing ahead of their school curriculum because of the impact that Jubilee has had on them."

If you have a Jubilee success story you'd like to share, let us know.

The Benefits of Tutoring at Jubilee

The number one reason is because we love your kids and we love Jesus.  We want to be Jesus' hands and feet to help children grow in God's image.  We also become like family to our parents and kids.  

There are also these bonuses:
  • Individual and unique learning experience--we tailor and customize tutoring to your child's specific needs. 
  • Enhances academic performance, prepares your child for tests and exams, improves attitude towards learning and school--tutors work with your child on specific problem areas.
  • Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning--with tutoring, your child will learn to take initiative over his or her school work.
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence--your child’s self-esteem and confidence will increase through tutoring, by providing him or her with the resources and skills he or she needs to excel in school.
  • Fosters work and study habits in a positive work space--through tutoring, your child will learn work and study habits he or she will use for life.
  • Encourages independence, responsibility, and the freedom to ask questions--your child will gain the ability to do school work on his or her own, without your help. At school, your child may not always feel comfortable asking questions in front of his or her peers. Tutoring will help teach your child to be comfortable asking questions, big or small, without feeling self-conscious.
  • Boosts social and behavioral skills--tutoring services will help your child become a better communicator, form better relationships with peers, and make more positive social and behavioral adjustments.
  • Challenges those who need it and prepares kids for higher education--tutoring helps bored or under-stimulated children reach their full potential.  

What Jubilee Center is all about

Jubilee is a nonprofit academic center that is modeled after the S.A.Y. Yes! Centers for Youth Development.  All our tutors are volunteers and our ultimate goal is to provide kids from the community with a good, uplifting place to spend their afternoons.

Enrollment and Contact Information

Tuesday 2:00 - 6:00
Thursday 3:00 - 6:00
$25 per student per semester.  Let us know if you need assistance with tuition so we can arrange a sponsorship.
How to get in touch with us:
Jaquelyn Mendoza, Director
Phone: 818 776 9696 ext. 215
Email: [email protected]


We are always happy to welcome new volunteers.  We can also complete community service volunteer forms to record hours served.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a volunteer, please let us know. Our volunteers include high school students through adults and serve as tutors, administrative helpers, and team members at our annual Backpack Giveaway, summer sessions, and other events.


for Jubilee Center
  • commit to praying daily for a specific child
  • wisdom & discernment on current issues that impact tutoring centers, such as reopening after Covid
  • wise leadership
  • effective tutors
  • God’s leading in working with kids with special needs
  • students' academic success & spiritual growth
  • encouragement for kids & staff
  • sufficient funds
  • a sponsor for every child

Sponsorships and Donations

  • Become a sponsor--pledge $30/month (see donation box below--click on Jubilee where it says "fund") 
  • Set-up a recurring payment (see donation box below--click on Jubilee where it says "fund")
  • Help us fulfill our wish list. (Email Jacquelyn for specifics.)
  • Donate as you’re able toward our end-of-year trip and other special events and activities; needed materials, supplies, playground equipment, and snacks. (Gift cards are super-appreciated!!! Email Jacquelyn for specifics.)