Get to know me.

In a church in the town of Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany, I looked out into the faces of the people gathered on a Saturday for a conference being led by my friend, evangelist John Klein. I began to lead them in a worship song in English, and was delighted to hear that they knew the song and easily joined in. I remember feeling amazed that I, a guy who grew up in “The Valley,” was standing there singing and playing. So much had happened in my life to lead to this moment!

Before joining the church staff, I was a professional musician, and a banker and mortgage broker. I studied Psychology at CSU Northridge and Bible and Leadership at the Vineyard Institute.  I’m humbled by how these seemingly unrelated occupations have been used by God to serve the Vineyard and our community.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do. It’s not boring or routine in the least! I love leading the worship team, both musically and spiritually. I’m also the church administrator, overseeing bookkeeping, and in charge of the facilities, the computer network, compliance with government regulations, and benevolence ministries.

Worshiping the Lord with music has been my passion since I accepted Jesus as my savior in 1981. I have led worship in small groups and Sunday services for many years and I am always learning new things about the Lord and the discipline of all-out, uncompromised adoration of God.

My wife Susan and I were first attracted to the Vineyard Church because of the worship. It was a new experience for us, so intimate and deep.  Susan and I both came to faith in the same month that we were married! We have four children, all grown, and have two grandchildren…so far.  Music, aviation, dog training, and cooking are some of my interests.

Pastor Leroy can be contacted by email at:
l[email protected]