Get to know me.

I was raised in a loving Italian American home with a Catholic upbringing in Westchester, NY. After losing my father to cancer when I was 18, I entered a dark period of my life as I transitioned to college. I coped with the loss by getting wrapped up in the out-of-control college parties, binge drinking, and drug use. However, at the end of the day, I was often left feeling angry, confused, and depressed, while not taking my studies seriously. After being kicked out of my first college, I applied to an arts college in Long Island but continued with the same behavior. It wasn’t until I was nearly kicked out of my second school, I realized that I needed help. I was invited to a Vineyard church in Rockville Centre, NY. It was there that I began my personal journey with a fresh start accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. My life started to change and I felt hopeful. Soon, I was asked to be a youth leader at the church and I quickly found a passion to impact the younger generations.

After graduating college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Acting, I auditioned and was cast at Sight and Sound Theater, the nation’s largest Christian theater. It was an exciting time in my life being engulfed in the arts, singing, dancing, acting, and telling the stories of the bible to thousands of people on a daily basis. In 2006, I moved to Los Angeles and found Valley Vineyard, my home church, where I’ve served as a youth leader alongside four different youth pastors in the span of 10 years and also as a host for outreach family events and a worship leader. Work opportunities in Hollywood have also enabled me to continue being creative in the world of film/TV, stand-up comedy, improv, and talent management.

After falling in love with my wife, who I met in the Valley Vineyard, I got married in 2022. While on a family trip to my wife’s hometown in Taiwan, the Lord started to put in both of our hearts that someday I should use my passions and experiences in the arts and entertainment to create a fun and interactive environment for children to experience the joy, beauty, and love of God. A few weeks after we returned to the US, I was asked to consider taking the role as the Director of Children's Ministry in the Valley Vineyard. Knowing that the Lord is directing my steps towards this new journey, I feel honored to take this responsibility working with our wonderful team to show our kids all the goodness of our God.

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