Season of Preparation for Easter
Monday, 2/19 -  Good Friday, 3/29

We are getting ready to start a corporate fast and a time to reflect on the redemption offered by the death and resurrection of Jesus.   Join us as we do three things:

1. Participate in the daily Bible reading plan.  As we fast, we want to feast on the Word of God as we read the Gospel of Luke in 40 days.

2. Plan on fasting for six weeks (2/19-3/29).  Abstain from eating certain foods, fast from food certain days/times, or take time off of social media.  Use the time and the focus you would regularly use to enjoy these activities to instead feast on Jesus while you fast.

3. Make plans to join us on Good Friday, March 29th anytime between 9 AM - 9 PM, for an  interactive and immersive Stations of the Cross experience.

To download the fasting brochure, click below: