Joyful Journaling Prompts

Most of us are comfortable in speaking to God in prayer but sometimes don’t know how to listen for God’s voice.  Journaling can help us in listening to our Abba.

The key is to let God do most of the talking.  The accompanying handout from is called Immanuel Journaling comes from a book called The Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel by James Wilder, Anna Kang, John Loppnow, and Sungshim Loppnow.

The sequence of Immanuel journaling is intended to improve our connection with God at each step of the process, as our brains moves into a relational state where we attach to, attune with, and ultimately hear clearly from God in response to the writing prompts contained in each step.  

Beginning with the second half of the first step on gratitude, we journal responses based on what we believe God is saying to us vis-a-vis the prompt. So, for example, when you see the prompt, “I see you,” this is God speaking that to us.
There are six writing steps in the process and the seventh step is to read the whole of the journaling out loud to a friend. So, find a quiet place to get away and journal and give this a try.  If you would like the book, its available through Amazon on Kindle or in paperback.

It is our prayer that you will encounter God in a greater and greater measure as you give this journaling method a try. Click on the link below to download the handout of these journaling steps and give this method a try.

By Julie Herzog

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