Praying for Others with Prayer Cards

Paul E. Miller the author of A Praying Life, uses a simple prayer system that I’m beginning to implement in my life to pray for others.  

He uses 3x5 cards to pray for people every day.  I thought it was a great idea.  I’ve usually had a prayer list with everyone and every prayer request on it, but this method helps focus on one person or one group of people at a time.  This allows you to routinely pray for the same people and see God move in different ways.

All you have to do is create a different 3x5 card for every person.  Write their name and a Bible verse or verses of how you would like to see them experience God.  Then write dates with the different prayer requests.  You will rotate these cards to pray for them on different days.  When you see God answering something you can highlight the prayer request.  If you are a techie, you can find and download the app called A Praying Life- Prayer Cards.  

Paul Miller suggests having, 4–10 family cards (one for each person), 1–3 people-in-suffering cards, a couple of friends cards, 1 non-Christian card, 1 church’s leadership card, 1 small-group card, 1 missionary, ministries card, 1–3 world- or cultural-issues cards, 3 work cards, 1 co-worker card, 3–5 repentance cards (things I need to repent of), and 3–5 hope or big-dream cards.

If you don’t have a process for praying for others, I encourage you to try it out.  God the Father wants us to become more like Him.  As we pray for others we experience His love and compassion for others.  We hold people up before Him.  In the process we become more like our Father and people are blessed.  I believe our Father delights in us when we think of our spiritual siblings and those who do not yet know Him and pray for Him.  It is a good thing all around.

For ideas for creating your prayer cards download the file below.

By Jimmy Reyes
[email protected]

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