Jubilee Chronicle

Fall 2021

   by Susan  Abelar

My life changed when I was talking to Jacquelyn Mendoza (“Mrs. J”) one day and she told me about her new ministry approved by the Valley Vineyard – the Jubilee Community Learning Center. Having worked in business my entire life, I never considered myself to be a “kid person;” I’m neither crafty nor creative, and school was never one of my favorite things.  But I was amazed at the plan that Mrs. J and the Lord had for reaching out to the children and parents of the community in a Christian after-school tutoring program. I asked how I could help.  “You can pray, right?” was her reply.  So I did.

Soon I added other duties, making photocopies and laminating materials. I had no idea how these mundane tasks could help the tutoring program…but it felt good to be doing something.
I became more involved when I was asked to fill in for several weeks for our wonderful “snack lady,” Ms. Marlys. I thought that was right up my alley!  I fell in love with the children, preparing snacks and teaching them table manners.  That became my number one job at Jubilee.  I loved seeing them grow each week in their studies, in self-confidence, and in their walk with Jesus. It’s such a joy watching their eyes light up when they finally “get” a new concept. You go home blessed!

That was more than three years ago. And I can’t tell you how it has blessed my life – not only working with and learning from Mrs. J, but in my relationships with these wonderful children, all the awesome helpers, and the amazing parents! My life is full!  The love I have for and from these little hearts, and the friendships I’ve made through Jubilee – it’s overwhelming, in a good way!

Last year (2020/2021) with no in-person schooling and everything on Zoom, there was no need for snacks.  I wondered if my time at Jubilee was over. Then Mrs. J asked me if I would tutor a student. I thought, Oh my gosh, how could I help them?  I have no teacher training, was not a good student, and had a few learning disabilities myself!  But leaving Jubilee was out of the question; I loved it too much! Having no idea how to tutor a child, I accepted the challenge. Well…God is amazing.  Ask and you shall receive!
Zoom changed how we did things at Jubilee, but Mrs. J and her helpers were always up to the task. Despite the challenges of online tutoring, we made it through this crazy season of our lives! And now we are back in-person as of September 14th.  I’m doing snacks and a bit of homework help with the children…and loving every minute of it.  
Thank You, Jesus!

Almost back to normal ...


  • Goodwill-worthy items for Christmas Store (esp. men’s gifts)
  • Cash donations!
  • Tutors for homework help
  • Become a sponsor thru pledging $30/month and commit to praying daily for a specific child
  • Volunteer to help with tasks when possible: cleaning/organizing/filing, making copies
  • Become a tutor back-up tutor
If you're able to help in any way or have questions about Jubilee Center please e-mail Jacquelyn Mendoza (Mrs. J) at: [email protected] or call (818) 776-9696

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